Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams is a German industrial designer closely associated with the consumer products company Braun and the Functionalist school of industrial design.

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Institute For Media Archeology - A Portrait of Eliane Radigue (2009)


Flickr - Air Lines (2010)

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Yaacov Agam - Geb



Early Computer Graphics

Early Computer Graphics from Sheikh Ahmed on Vimeo.

A series of films showcasing early uses of Computer Graphics. As part of the Past-Potential-Futures series of events held in May 2008 at the Tate Modern.

Films shown include Larry Cuba's 'Two Space', Lillian Schwartz and Kenneth Knowlton's 'Googolplex' and (shown here as the last film) the amazing 'Cibernetik 5.3' by John Stehura. Soundtrack is 'Tango' by Tod Dockstader.

Ars Electronica 1992 - Eigenwelt der Apparate-Welt

Ars Electronica 1992 - Eigenwelt der Apparate-Welt 1 from ars history on Vimeo.

Ars Electronica 1992 - Eigenwelt der Apparate-Welt 2 from ars history on Vimeo.

Ars Electronica 1992 - Eigenwelt der Apparate-Welt 3 from ars history on Vimeo.

Ars Electronica 1992 - Eigenwelt der Apparate-Welt 5 from ars history on Vimeo.

Ars Electronica 1992 - Eigenwelt der Apparate-Welt 6 from ars history on Vimeo.

Ars Electronica 1992 - Eigenwelt der Apparate-Welt 7 from ars history on Vimeo.

short videos from the ORF Documentary about the famous exhibition "Eigenwelt der Apparate-Welt - Pioneers of Electronic Art" curated by Steina and Woody Vasulka for Ars Electronica 1992

Generalised fence diagram showing relation of geologic units to aquifiers and confining units of the floridan aquifier system

Irving Rosenstein

Moebius - 40 days dans le desert B

Sam Messenger

Works on paper

"Sorcerer" (1977)

Stickem - Let Sweeedom Ring (2010)

Download this fresh Skweee Mix by Stickem HERE!. Featuring the great Wankers United (Mazout, France) plus a whole host of other international "Skweee" artists including:
Mrs. Qeada (SWE) / Melkeveien (NO) / Claws Costeau (FIN) / Boss Kite (UK) / V.C. (FIN) / Ricky Lemon (DEN) / Bellybelle (USA) / LaZERcrotch (USA) / Spartan Lover (FIN) / Hybakusha (ESP) / Kid Logic (USA) / Miramichi (CA) / Limonious (SWE) / Beem (SWE) / Easy and The Center of the Universe (NO) / Daniel Savio (SWE) / Rigas (SWE) feat. Markis Sage (SWE/FIN) / Stickem (USA) / Mesak (FIN) / Sprutbass (NO) / Randy Barracuda (FIN/NL) / Mackaper (SWE) / Joxaren (SWE) /
Slow Hand Motëm (CA) ...

Kawolofsamarkand - Flying Frogs (2008)

Improvisation using Laure Spiegel's "Music Mouse" software on a Commodore Amiga 1200.


Feraliminal Lycanthropizer

Feraliminal Lycanthropizer
Shortened article from DavidWoodard.Com/feral-index.html

The Feraliminal Lycanthropizer is a low frequency thanato-auric wave generator. Known for its use by the Nazis and for its animalizing effects on human subjects tested within measurable vibratory proximity, the machine electrically generates two subsonic sinewaves - one 3hz, the other 9hz. Together, these two frequencies (one acting as carrier, the other as program) generate a lower third, .56hz.

In addition to these sinewave generators, the machine contains four tapeloops of unduplicable lengths, each containing textual material. Two of these loops operate below the threshold of decipherability (one forward, the other backwards), and two operate far beyond the opposite threshold (also one forward, the other backwards). The effect of the subsonic sinewaves on the sound of these human voice recordings is one of organic ululation.

But this aurotic environment, with its sensual, undeniably aphrodisiacal effect on subjects, is peripheral to the machine's essential function: to trigger states of urgency and fearlessness, and to disarmour the intimate charms of the violent child within. While the 9hz, 3hz and .56hz wavelengths together signal a state of high-level ferocity and austerity in subjects within approximately four yards, the Trithemean incantations richly pervading the machine's aural output produce feelings of aboveness and unbridled openess.

The combination of drastically contrasting emotional trigger mechanisms results in an often profound behavioral enhancement which occurs strikingly soon (within moments) after the user enters and remains in the auricular field of the machine. This patently Plecidic enhancement is described in a study by the inventor, Bill Jenkins, as "Sensitive Disturbance," an "atomic catharsis of nucleopatriphobic anxieties and freeze-locking, thanatotic armor." (1)

Documented experiments include cases in which subjects previously unacquainted with one another are found freely sharing inner thoughts, secrets and/or vulnerable feelings, in several cases to the point of impetuously shedding the veil of clothing. Others involve extraordinary strength and detailed focus of will: a dilettante, Catalonian national using the machine daily over a period of five or six weeks eventually managed to ingratiate himself to Adolf Hitler, persuade his quarry to adopt the swastika as high totem and emblem of the burgeoning National Socialist Conference, and justify his swift departure from Aryan allies by returning to Germany in 1942 to present Hitler with the inestimable graces of the Dalai Lama.

Walter Stevens, Assistant Director of Secret Operations, a primary artery of the National Security Council, which receives its research subsidies from the NSA, has intimated to a former NSA agent that the Feraliminal Lycanthropizer was used extensively during and after the Viet Nam War as a truth serum, helping to liberate essential information from American war criminals and distraught POWs. Although Stevens cannot be quoted directly, and naming our intermediary would be a breach of trust, we do hold in our possession public domain photographs explicitly documenting use of the Feraliminal Lycanthropizer at the scene of such an interrogation.

1. Journal of International Science, vol. V, no.s 6, 7, 8 and 9; serial reprint; New York, 1933-4.

Steven Graziano


Maggie Kesqwick-Jencks Center, Kirkcaldy, Scotland, UK (2006)

designed by zaha hadid
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