Ares V (2020)

Planning and early design are under way for hardware, propulsion systems and associated technologies for NASA's Ares V cargo launch vehicle -- the "heavy lifter" of America's next-generation space fleet. Ares V will serve as NASA's primary vessel for safe, reliable delivery of large-scale hardware to space -- from the lunar landing craft and materials for establishing a moon base, to food, fresh water and other staples needed to extend a human presence beyond Earth orbit.
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microgramma (1952)

Company Flow - End to End Burners (1998)


Vera Molnar - No title (1968)

Plotter drawing by Vera Molnar, taken from the wonderful DAM.


Dan O'Bannon R.I.P

September 30, 1946 – December 17, 2009


Poborsk - World of Sine (2009)

Excellent new POBORSK release on AMP BIT IF GO RECORDINGS. Buy it on CD HERE.


Pete McPartlan - Procedural Drawing (2009)

"I’ve been making drawings that I call semi-procedural for a while now. “Procedural” meaning there is a fixed rule about how they are made and “semi” to mean that these rules aren’t so fixed - so they’re never written down. The rules only exist as a set of parameters in my head with a vague idea of what the limits are to each parameter." - Pete McPartlan

Marcello Dantas - Processing the Signal

Nam June Paik - All Star Video: Ryuichi Sakamoto (1984)

Nicholas Croft - Zbig Vision Experiments


Alden Volney - Videocracy (2009)

Videocracy from Alden Volney on Vimeo.


∆ICASEA presents Ynys Enlli's return to the ∆ICASEA SELECT series of podcasts with an involving part 8 titled "SIEBE-X".

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Chris Watson - 3m
David Dunn - Chaos and The Emergent Mind of The Pond
Delia Derbyshire - Dreams
Barry Truax - Wave Edge
Jean Claude Risset - Aqua
Laurie Spiegel - Old Wave
Louis & Bebe Barron - Love at the Swimming Hole
Roland Kayn - Ultra
Douglas Lilburn - Cicada Oscillations and Treefrogs
Brian Eno - Atmospheric Lightness
Dennis Smalley - The Pulses of Time
Wavemaker - Wavemaker
Edgar Froese - Specific Gravity of a Smile
Kryzysztof Penderecki - Flouroscenses
Louis Dufort - Pointe-aux-Trembles
Francis Dhomont - Implosion
Denis Dufour - Ton Corps Est Une Surprise
Christian Zanesi - Stop! L'horizon
Roedelius - Early Blue
Jon Appleton - Degitaru Ongaku
Deep Space Network - Singletone
Lithops - Filterbend
Oneohtrix Point Never - Behind The Bank
David Fanshawe - Masai Women
William Penn - Crystal Rainbows
Monoton - Soundsequence
Gescom - PN-1.3.15
Nachtsmeer - Vindaloo
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Talk on the Couch

SobControllers - The Periodic Table of Controllers (2009)

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