KING SHOT – New Jodorowsky Film!!!

The Wyrding Module has learnt of mutterings floating around in the digital ether that the crazy brain of Alejandro Jodorowsky is creating a new film! There was a YouTube viddy featuring an interview with the psycho-magus where he discussed the project, sadly this appears to have been removed. There were also some concept sketches that I have seen, but I can’t seem to locate them again.

Here are the rumours-

“King Shot” is a “metaphysical gangster” film.

It has financial support from Marilyn Manson, Nick Nolte (?) and some connection with Lynch (!? speculation is that he is the producer).

Cast apparently features - Marilyn Manson (plays an evil pope with laser beam eyes!), Nick Nolte, Mickey Rouke, Asia Argento, Arielle Dombasle, Udo Kier

Plots wise, all I can make out is a desert, a casino, some gangsters and the discovery of a massive king kong sized Jesus! (a statute? a body? alive?)

(the above image is from Holy Mountain)

Patrick Nagel - "Cleo", 1984



Buzludzha Monument, Bulgaria (1961)

The abandoned Buzludzha Monument, Buzludzha National Park, Central Stara Planina, Bulgaria.
coordinates :
42°44'07.85"N 25°23'39.20"E
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Medicom Kubrick "Ash + Kane"

Medicom "kubrick" figures from Ridley Scott's classic 1979 SciFi "Alien".


Bertone Lancia "Stratos 0" Prototype (1970)

Rene Laloux & Philippe Caza - La Prisonniere (1988)

Short animation from the director of "Time Masters", "Fantastic Planet" and "Gandahar" in collaboration with Philippe Caza.


HITACHI 240 Analog Computer


The Mobira Talkman (1984)

One might say that the iphone is the "Perfection" of the cellphone. To any owner of the iphone, it is abundantly clear that the device has certain tremendous shortcomings. Limited coverage, and dropped calls to name a few. The highly advanced, proprioceptive digital screen drops jaws until it stops functioning, and the device is then only worth its recyclable metals and plastics. The Mobira Talkman, weighing in at 11 pounds, if unable to operate as a communications device, could be used as a blunt force weapon in self defense. Especially in the wild, this monster of a cellular phone could be used to render a small animal unconscious with one swift blow.

Hajime Yatate - Votoms (1983)

The relationship between man and machine is a complicated one. Computer controlled components are alawys liable to break, succumb to the trials of time, or just degrade from overuse. Some things may not work at all and some work better than planned or expected.

Created by Hajime Yatate and directed by Ryosuke Takahashi, the technology of 1983's VOTOMS isn't the idealized, perfected hollywood technology as is seen in many other science fiction & fantasy works of the 80's. It is real, Earthly technology. The machines of VOTOMS are only capable of doing what current scientific knowledge and data allows them to do. Like all other machines, they have major malfunctions, break down, stop working, and degrade. At
times, however, with the expansion of human knowledge - they can have some amazing suprises.

Series' such as VOTOMS remind us that the machines we use are not ever pefect, bringing a 3rd dimension to 2 dimensional cartoon mecha.


Louis & Bebe Barron

The Wyrding Module Recommends…

Louis & Bebe Barron

"[Barrons' music sounds like] a molecule that has stubbed its toes."
— From the Diary of Anais Nin, Volume 7 (1966-1974).

50’s electronica pioneers armed only with soldering irons, analogue circuitry and magnetic tape. Known for their “electronic tonalities” (The Musicians Union didn’t consider their work “music” and deined them membership.) to the classic SF film “Forbidden Planet “.

“We design and constructed electronic circuits which function electronically in a manner remarkably similar to the way that lower life-forms function psychologically. [. . .]. In scoring Forbidden Planet – as in all of our work – we created individual cybernetics circuits for particular themes and leit motifs, rather than using standard sound generators. Actually, each circuit has a characteristic activity pattern as well as a "voice". [. . .]. We were delighted to hear people tell us that the tonalities in Forbidden Planet remind them of what their dreams sound like”

Quoted from the sleeve notes of the Forbidden Planet soundtrack

Here is a link to a radio program about their work (great sample fodder) -


Check out more of their electro-cybentic sonic matter at Last FM –


Donatella Baglivo - Un Poeta nel Cinema: Andrej Tarkovskij (1984)

Cinéma vérité

Cinéma vérité is a style of documentary filmmaking, combining naturalistic techniques with stylized cinematic devices of editing and camerawork, staged set-ups, and the use of the camera to provoke subjects. It is also known for taking a provocative stance toward its topics. In French the term means, roughly, "cinema of truth".


Psygnosis - Shadow of the Beast 1 & 2 (1989/1990)

End of game clips from two of the the Shadow of the Beast video games for the Commodore Amiga home computer. The soundtrack to the original game was composed by David Whittaker, the sequels soundtracks were composed by Tim Wright. All sleeve art by Roger Dean.


City Hall (London) 2002

City Hall is the headquarters of the Greater London Authority which comprises the Mayor of London and London Assembly. It is located in Southwark, stands on the south bank of the River Thames near Tower Bridge. Designed by Norman Foster, it opened in July 2002.

The building has an unusual bulbous shape, intended to reduce its surface area and thus improve energy efficiency. It has been compared variously to Darth Vader's helmet, a misshapen egg, a human scrotum, a woodlouse or a motorcycle helmet. Former mayor Ken Livingstone referred to it as a "glass testicle". The present mayor, Boris Johnson, has referred to it more politely as 'The Onion'. Its designers reportedly saw the building as a giant sphere hanging over the Thames, but opted for a more conventionally rooted building instead. It has no front or back on conventional terms but derives its shape from a modified sphere.

明和電機 ツクバシリーズ

Andrei Tarkovsky - Solaris (1972)

Highway scene from Tarkovsky's sci-fi masterpiece based on the Stanislaw Lem book "Solaris". Music by Eduard Artemyev, Cinematography by Vadim Yusov. Shot in Tokyo this sequence is rumored to have been filmed along a route between the airport and the office of Tarkovsky's friend Akira Kurosawa.

Piotr Kamler & Bernard Parmegiani -Une Mission Ephemere (1993)



Morton Subotnick - Sidewinder (1971)

Max Vandervorst - Wild Lutherie (2008)

Le cristal & structures sonores de Bernard Baschet

Instrumentarium Baschet : http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/baschet/introduction/index.html

Nobutoshi Kihara - Sony Walkman (1979)

The original blue-and-silver Walkman model TPS-L2 went on sale in Japan on July 1, 1979. In the UK, it came with stereo playback and mini headphone jacks, permitting two people to listen at the same time (though it came with only one pair of MDR-3L2 headphones). Where the Pressman had the recording button, the Walkman had a "hotline" button which activated a small built-in microphone (the Pressman), partially overriding the sound from the cassette, and allowing one user to talk to the other over the music. The dual jacks and "hotline" button were phased out in the follow-up Walkman II model.
LINK: Source & Pocket Calculators Walkman Museum.

Werner Herzog - Encounters at the End of the World (2007)

Waddell Seals in Antarctica.



コトドリ(琴鳥、学名:Menura novaehollandiae)は、スズメ目コトドリ科に分類される鳥類の一種。



Walter Murch explains the technique of "worldizing". This refers to "manipulating sound until it seemed to be something that existed in real space. This refers to playing back existing recordings through a speaker or speakers in real-world acoustic situations, and recording that playback with microphones so that the new recording takes on the acoustic characteristics of the place it was "re-recorded." See also the Walter Murch articles on Filmsound.org for more information on this pioneer of cinema sound and editing techniques.

The Sound of Clothes

various articles of clothing recorded in an anechoic chamber, 2006.

Arthur Russell - Terrace of Unintelligibility (1985)

Rare footage of Arthur Russell performing live in the studio in 1985, the video footage was directed by Phil Niblock. This clip is available as one of the extras on the DVD release of Matt Wolf's superb documentary "Wild Combination", released by Plexifilm in 2008.



Tod Dockstader - Organized Sound by Tod Dockstader (1966)

Two beautifully designed sleeves for two incredible records by Tod Dockstader on OWL records.

Holger Hiller - Ohi Ho Bang Bang (1988)


Henry Chalfant - All City (1983)

An early New York hiphop culture documentary made by Henry Chalfant (Subway Art, Spraycan Art, Style Wars) in 1983.


5万トンの大型水チェレンコフ宇宙素粒子観測施設スーパーカミオカンデは1991年から5年間にわたる建設期間を経たあと、1996年4月より観測を開始 しました。スーパーカミオカンデは東京大学宇宙線研究所神岡宇宙素粒子研究施設を中心に、日本、米国、韓国、中国、ポーランドからの32の大学、研究機関 との共同研究で行われています。

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