KING SHOT – New Jodorowsky Film!!!

The Wyrding Module has learnt of mutterings floating around in the digital ether that the crazy brain of Alejandro Jodorowsky is creating a new film! There was a YouTube viddy featuring an interview with the psycho-magus where he discussed the project, sadly this appears to have been removed. There were also some concept sketches that I have seen, but I can’t seem to locate them again.

Here are the rumours-

“King Shot” is a “metaphysical gangster” film.

It has financial support from Marilyn Manson, Nick Nolte (?) and some connection with Lynch (!? speculation is that he is the producer).

Cast apparently features - Marilyn Manson (plays an evil pope with laser beam eyes!), Nick Nolte, Mickey Rouke, Asia Argento, Arielle Dombasle, Udo Kier

Plots wise, all I can make out is a desert, a casino, some gangsters and the discovery of a massive king kong sized Jesus! (a statute? a body? alive?)

(the above image is from Holy Mountain)

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icasea said...

Good news. I hope its better than everything he did after El Topo. "the rainbow thief" :(

Anonymous said...

ace.. alejandro should try sci-fi dystopia again too

icasea said...
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