Hajime Yatate - Votoms (1983)

The relationship between man and machine is a complicated one. Computer controlled components are alawys liable to break, succumb to the trials of time, or just degrade from overuse. Some things may not work at all and some work better than planned or expected.

Created by Hajime Yatate and directed by Ryosuke Takahashi, the technology of 1983's VOTOMS isn't the idealized, perfected hollywood technology as is seen in many other science fiction & fantasy works of the 80's. It is real, Earthly technology. The machines of VOTOMS are only capable of doing what current scientific knowledge and data allows them to do. Like all other machines, they have major malfunctions, break down, stop working, and degrade. At
times, however, with the expansion of human knowledge - they can have some amazing suprises.

Series' such as VOTOMS remind us that the machines we use are not ever pefect, bringing a 3rd dimension to 2 dimensional cartoon mecha.

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icasea said...

Nice. The "second hand" or "used" future of Star Wars, Blade Runner or even Dark Star has been wide reaching.

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