Reversed Phoenemes for Backmasking

"The human brain with all of its capabilites and control has difficulty with one thing: time. It can only understand it when it goes in one single direction. To us it's forward; to other particles in the universe it's sideways, or tangential, or even crooked. When we are presented with something where time has been changed more than just slightly - reversed, for example - it seems nothing but completely foreign and incomprehensible. Only in the past 50 years has man even been able to hear sounds in reverse. These new sounds are not based in our reality, and to the uninitiated, quite scary..."

Table of Reversed Phoenemes

AE -> same UW -> same f -> same r -> same
EY -> 'yeah' or 'YE' UH -> same g -> glottal stop s -> same
AO -> same UX -> same h -> same S -> same
AX -> same OW -> 'wuh' or 'WO' J -> same but short t -> 'HT'
IY -> same AW -> 'wah' or 'WA' k -> 'HK' T -> same
EH -> same OY -> 'yoh' or 'YO' l -> same v -> same
IH -> same b -> 'HB' m -> same w -> same
AY -> 'ya' or 'YA' C -> same n -> same y -> depends on following vowel
IX -> same d -> 'HD' N -> same z -> same
AA -> same D -> same p -> 'HP' Z -> same

( EV / Audio Reversal In Popular Culture )


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