Senti - Test One (1998)

TEST ONE music festival was held on Saturday 25th of April 1998 and featured Autechre, Boards of Canada, Farmers Manual, Surgeon, Jim O'Rouke, Mira Calix, Gescom and wide selection of other artists. 

It took place at the Kelham Island Industrial museum in the "Techno City" of the UK, Sheffield, and featured 3 stages. 1 larger room upstairs, an engine room containing a large steam engine and a smaller out door tent. Tortoise had to cancel at the last minute leading to an extended set by The Deacons. 

Highlights include everything although a particularly memorable moment was Farmers Manuals live performance in the smaller, yet no less impressive, "river don" engine room . Performing alongside "the most powerful working steam engine remaining in Europe" a recording of their set is still available from the Farmers manual website. 


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the wyrding module said...

Mick Harris and Surgeon set was brutal, massive-time-collapse-creeping-drone!

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