YNYS ENLLI - TANI-3 (2009)

Third in the series of ∆ICASEA SELECT podcast mixes by Ynys Enlli. Subscribe through the iTunes store or directly HERE.


Edward Artemiev - Meditation (From Stalker)

Alvin Lucier - Sferics

Chris Watson - 10m

*Extract from Brainstorm. Directed by Douglas Trumbull. Music by James Horner.

Giacinto Scelsi - In Nomine Lucis V

Hecker - ASA 2

Guy Riebel - Granulations

Morton Subotnick - Gestures

*Extract from THX1138. Directed by George Lucas. Music by Lalo Schifrin.

Wendy Carlos -Clockwork Black

Barry Vercoe - Synthesism

Baka People - Water Drum

Brian Eno - Atmospheric Lightness

David Dunn - Besa Village, Zimbabwe.

Dennis Smalley - Valley Flow

Bernard Fort - Fractal I

*Extract from Phase IV. Directed by Saul Bass. Music by Desmond Briscoe, Brian Gasciogne & David Vorhaus.

Seesaw - He Was Dead Asleep

Bernard Parmegiani - Dynamic de la Resonance

Charles Dodge - Untitled (Earths Magnetic Field)

Giuseppe Bova & Vincenzo Puntillo - Swordfishermans Call

Chris Gladwin - Tarot

Robert Rental - Mental Detentions Side B Track 5

Pitmatic - ]

Francis Dhomont - Chambre D'enfants

Horacio Vaggione - Ash

Vangelis - Photo Memories

Collapsoft - Warptest262

Tod Dockstader - Glider

M&C - Mem

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