John Carpenter - "Escape from New York" (1981)

official John Carpenter website minisite

Music composed and performed by
John Carpenter in association with Alan Howarth

Recording, editing, sequencing and synthesizer programming
by Alan Howarth at Pi West Studio.


ARP Quadra
ARP Avatar (2)
ARP Sequencer
Roland CSQ-600 Sequencer
Sequential Circuits 700 Programmer
Roland SVC-350 Vocoder
Linn LM-1 Drum Computer
Fender Jazz Bass
Fender Stratocaster

Stephens 821-A 24 trk
Tascam 80-0 8 trk
dbx 155 Noise Reduction System (2)
Otari 5050B 2 trk
Nagra IV-S
Tapco 7424 & 7416 Mixing Consoles
Eventide 949 Harmonizer
Eventide 1748 DDL
Furman PQ-6 Parametric Equalizer
Furman RV-1 Reverb (2)
Technics Cassette

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icasea said...

"NEW YORK 1997", Great post. I didn't notice that the wireframe CG was just model animation with reflective strips on. .. nice.

the wyrding module said...

I've got the DVD and it must be a remastered version, the "wireframe" bit has been replace with some new cgi bobbins, star wars ep4 style. It's a travesty.... Also got cgi helicopters in it for some reason?
when is it going to be remade? ;) (when I'm rich n famous I going to remake "DEMONS", shot for shot on SVHS)

the wyrding module said...

"They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs."


Anonymous said...


icasea said...

I heard he used the Sound Arts studio in L.A. The same studio as Moroder used.

Classic sound arts studio picture here: http://www.whitwell.ndo.co.uk/musicthing/images/moroderbig.jpg

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