Speculative Zoology - Life on Snaiad

Greeting ICASEiAns, I stumbled across this on a web-voyage. Very detailed sci-fi zoology of an alien planet with beautiful illustrations. check it....

Snaiad: Life of Another World
Nemo Ramjet

Snaiad is one of Humanity's first off-world colonies, the jewel in the sky, the realm of the sublime. The hopeful colonists arriving from the war-weary Mediterranean found themselves not in a second Garden of Eden, but an unusual new world they had to understand and adapt in order to survive. Understand it they did, and here is what they found...


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the wyrding module said...

Maybe we should approach this guy, make an album of field recordings from Snaiad.

icasea said...

nice idea :) ... get on your outlook express and go for it !

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